It's been a month since we update this part of Moon Drops site. But finnally a small update ^_^ A few gifs with Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury from game Preety Soldier Sailor Moon for Mame emulator added ^_^ Animated gifs was made ofcourse by my sweet sister Ancheliq! So if you want to use it credit her! And the most important thing do not claim them as yours!

That's all for today but it's going to ber more for sure ^_^

by Dark Lady


Welcome! I finally finish making this part of my site ^_^ You can find here a lot lot of sprites that became from Sailor Moon games. This part of the site Moon Drops works alone. So it's going to have a diferent url than the main site.

I've got none new sprites for today but look at the old ones and I'm sure that you will find something that will interest you ^__^

by Ancheliq

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